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Backstreet Boys - Downpour [Deluxe Edition] Lyric

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Lirik Lagu Backstreet Boys - Downpour [Deluxe Edition]

I been walking around
Inside a haze
Between the lines of reason
Hiding from the ghost
Of yesterday
Feels like I'm barely breathing
Lirik Backstreet Boys - Downpour [Deluxe Edition]
I-I wanna feel the rain again
I-I wanna feel the water on my skin
And let it all just wash away
In a downpour
I wanna feel the rain
Na na na na
Feel the rain
Na na na naI've been losin days
The shades pulled down
I still can't face the sun
Backstreet Boys - Downpour [Deluxe Edition] Lyric
But I-I'm goin crazy
I can't stay here
I've gone completely numb
I just wanna need someone
Backstreet Boys Lyric - Downpour [Deluxe Edition]

Oh no
I thought you were the only one girl
But now I think I was wrong
Cause life goes on
Na na na na na...

I've been walking around inside a haze

Oh I...


In a downpour feel the rain
Feel the rain

I wanna feel the rain
Backstreet Boys Lirik Lagu - Downpour [Deluxe Edition]

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