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Web host review websites

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Wordpress has been a blogging tool and a blog hosting service admired by a lot of users for its power and friendliness. Amongst many great websites powered by Wordpress, I found WPDesigner.com which is a web hosting review site and a Wordpress blog with posts on theming aspect of arguably the most popular blogging engine.

The homepage lists top 10 web hosting providers where again Blue Host tops the list as in other web host review websites. The site has a clean and elegant design, with good use of dark background and light foreground/font colors. The typography and usability aspect are also good and the funny mustache man adds the comic zing to the website.
The web hosting resources block on the right has great articles on web hosting and things to look for in a web host. Personally I liked the "how to choose a web host" post which talks about factors to consider when choosing a web host.

The reviews are based on price, server up-time, reliability, ease-of-Use, control panel and customer support or after sales support provided by the web hosts. As per me, the top 10 list is quite satisfying and I have also used some of the hosts in the top 10. Therefore I know the reasons why those web hosting companies are there in the top 10 list. The ratings of cost, feature, bandwidth, reliability given in the review is also justifiable. The review written is short but descriptive enough to cover the topic.

The other component of this website is the blog, all posts focus around great Wordpress themes, tips and tutorial to develop Wordpress themes etc. The blogs are well laid out and use of headings makes it easier to read the blogs. The posts are also written well short and up to the point. If there was some more description in some of the posts it would have been better.

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