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Once, during my Mechanical Engineering, we were having general discussion about cars when somebody popped up and said, “A Mechanical Engineer constructs a car that can cost 500,000 (particular currency). But Instrumentation Engineer converts it into some masterpiece which can cost 2,500,000 or 5,000,000 or something we can’t imagine.”

Here, I am not pointing at instrumentation engineer, but I want your attention towards most generous components of cars, that we collectively call ACCESSORIES.

These days, we are so familiar with ACCESSORIES that, spotting them out of car have become difficult. Some of major parts under accessories are Custom Gauges, wood dash kits, wind deflector, Global Positioning System (G.P.S.), Exhaust System, Custom Grills, Grill Guards, Custom Wheels, custom tail lights, Body Kits, Air Intake and still….many more.

At carid, there is huge collection of truck accessories. Almost, for all the cars and their versions, (from Benz, Porsche, Toyota, Honda, Chrysler to large vehicles like Hummer, Volvo etc.) they have perfect match accessories (again from wood dash kits to floor mats etc). Imagine a kid in Huge Toy shop! Same is the case with car lovers (car-crazy!) and carid.

Look, when somebody buy a car for 1st time, general concentration is on car outer looks and shapes. But when it comes to experienced user, most magnetizing things are car interiors and accessories.
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