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Dubai's tallest building and hotel

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Planning a stay in Dubai for your business meeting or family vacation? Not a problem! Being the newest and preferred business and tourist destination of the world, Dubai offers a wide variety of hotels and accommodations.

Hundreds of hotels ranging from cheap hotels to the world’s only 7 star hotel (Burj Al Arab) are scattered across Dubai. More are still under development in the everyday ongoing construction such as the Burj Dubai. All the Dubai hotels comply with the unified system set by the Dubai Tourism authorities to ensure quality service and facilities.

The most famous Dubai luxury hotel is the Burj Al Arab, which is the only seven star hotel in the world. It is built in a form of a billowing sail. This luxury hotel soars as high as 321 meters above the Arabian Gulf.

Situated in the Jumeirah Beach area, this hotel is currently one of the world’s finest luxury hotels if not the finest. This high-rise building that dominates the coastline of Dubai is seen from different sides of Dubai and offers amazing color sculptures of fire and water at night.

The special services of this hotel include luxury chauffer driven limousine airport transfers in Rolls Royce, private golf cart rides when going to adjacent properties, and private hotel staffs for all rooms. The hotel was designed to serve the International Elite class with its excellent facilities that offer complete privacy and security for their top-rank customers.

The Burj Al Arab also offers sporting activities such as kayaking, surfing, sailing, paragliding, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing. Those who can afford to have a luxurious stay in Dubai can book online at the Dubai Tourism or at the Burj Al Arab websites.

Those who want luxury at more affordable prices can try other luxury hotels in Dubai such as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Raffles Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dar Al Masyaf at Madinat Jumeirah, and many more. The Five Star Alliance, the alliance of luxury hotels recommends in their website the 27 luxury hotels in Dubai including the previously named Dubai hotels.

A cheap hotel in Dubai (or should I say discounted hotels) is more affordable for budget conscious tourists and are also available in all areas of Dubai. Shopping for these hotels can be done online where you can book one right away when you find it.

Aside from the current hotels in Dubai, more hotels are still to be completed in nearly halfway developments such as the Burj Dubai and in Bawadi. The Burj Dubai will be home to more luxury hotels such as the signature boutique Armani hotel. Bawadi, being one of the biggest entertainment walkways in the world will give way to the construction of 51 hotels more in the Bawadi projects.

These hotels are available in boutique, themed, and resort hotels that include the prospected world’s largest hotel, the Asia-Asia Hotel. Theme hotels will include Universal, Asian, American (countries), African, European, and Middle Eastern.

And with all that said, don’t forget the Bur Dubai hotels apartments. The Bur Dubai area is loaded with these. These are like the extended stay hotels you are used to seeing in North America (Residence Inn’s and Towne Place Suites), except they are MUCH better.

These hotel apartments are truly luxurious with most of them with marble flooring. I suppose it is meant to give you a taste of what it would be like to live in a Dubai high rise apartment or condo. I have stayed at many of these and definitely recommend it as an alternative. I mostly recommend this if you are traveling to Dubai with your family (kids).

Dubai will be much more worth visiting if you book in one of its quality hotels. Hotel booking will be made easier and safer when done with the Dubai Tourism accredited hotels whether a luxury hotel or the more affordable ones. Dubai Hotels will surely give you the services and amenities that will make you feel completely at home. Once you get there, you will see how easily it is to call Dubai your home (at least for the time being).

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moenas on 8 Februari 2010 22.06 mengatakan...

sebanarnya saya kurang begitu seka sama postingan2 b.english tapi karena dah mampir + gak ada yg coment mending saya ja dah yg ngisi kotak komentnya he,,he,,he,,

gooo blog on 8 Februari 2010 22.58 mengatakan...


walaupun sebenerx aq jurusan sastra inggris.

tapi nice share lah.


♥ria♥ on 9 Februari 2010 17.16 mengatakan...

dah go internasional ya hehehe ;)

sewa mobil murah on 9 Februari 2010 23.12 mengatakan...

wow keren
kapan indonesia bisa kaya dubai

Syifa Ahira on 11 Februari 2010 00.07 mengatakan...

dubai memang salah satu negara yang terkenal dengan gedung pencakar langitnya.. nice post.. ^^

Joker on 19 Februari 2010 16.48 mengatakan...

keren,lebih keren dari new york yh...

Piet Puu on 27 Februari 2010 22.46 mengatakan...

nice town.. and amazing town..
I like Dubai and many country in Middle east...
u have family or friend on dubai..???

I have family on Dubai,
exactly... ex-enangged stay on dubai now...
^^ many amazing about dubai.. ^^

me Middle Eastren Town Addicted...

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