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The various types of hosting

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The next type of hosting is dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is best features hosting. In this type of hosting a full server is dedicated to a single customer. Generally this type of hosting is used by large businesses, professionals and very active websites dealing with thousands of visitors daily. The customers having dedicated hosting can have their total control over the server as well as able to create as many websites as they like. Customers can run their own hosting company on a rented dedicated server. Payment module is mentioned according to specifications and services provided with the server, which varies from $100 up to about $800 dollars per month.
Now the other type of hosting service to be discussed is collocated hosting. This service is very much similar to web hosting features. The difference between collocated hosting and dedicated hosting is that in collocated hosting the customer owns the server hardware instead of renting it. In this service the server will be placed in provider’s data center. This service is more expensive than dedicated hosting. In reseller hosting the providers offers web server storage to their customers, and resells the web server storage to them. Generally providers offer resellers a discount price.

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Thx for your information..
Its important for me..

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webhostinghub to

komgue : komputer gue on 22 Agustus 2010 15.55 mengatakan...

lebih baik pakai gratisan aja lah ^^

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salam sahabat
ehm i dont know what you mean hehehe talk about hosting???giod luck aja wes xixixi

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